Working with me starts with the question of how?

COACHING is for you if you are looking for someone to partner with, so you can dig deep and figure out how to create breakthroughs. I will guide you to solutions, help you create a plan of action, and hold you accountable so you can make lasting change.

MENTORING is for you if you want someone to come in as an expert, tell you how to do it, and fast track you to the result you want via their know-how and experience.

CONSULTING is for the person, team, or company who has a long term project they need help with. I will join in and guide, advise, and aid in whatever part you need, to include the entire process (from creation to completion).

For both Coaching and Mentoring, you can work with me 1-1 or in one of my Group Courses depending on your needs. Consulting is tailored to each job individually but, generally, done on a monthly or quarterly basis.


If you are looking for a speaker or someone to lead a workshop for your team or company, please talk to me about my  Presentations & Workshops.

  • Connect with me to get your questions answered.

  • Join the team, get a buddy, and learn how to live ultimately!


  • 1-on-1 Coaching and Mentoring Services

  • Education for groups, teams or companies.

  • Learn to master your mind instead of having it master you.

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