Want to learn Filmmaking, Content Creation, Health & Wellness, or Fitness? I have a book on that! I also have Short Story and Poetry Collections and Pinup Calendars if you are interested in my creative writing projects.


BUILD THE SKILL - Functional, Minimalistic, Real-World Fitness

CONTENT CREATOR - Stop Struggling & Start Creating

DESERT CALENDAR - High End Art Prints in Red Rocks

FILM NOTES - The Writing, Directing, and Producing Textbook

FILM NOTES WORKBOOK - Worksheets and Exercises to Create your Production

FROM THE EIGHTH TO THE TENTH HOUR - Poetry & Photography Book
MOUNTAIN CALENDAR - High End Art Prints in Mojave Limestone

STORIES FOR HENRY - Poetry & Short Story Anthology

ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE - Mind and Body Fitness
HOW'S THE WEATHER MAN - Multi-Media Art Project


TOTAL MOUNTAIN STRENGTH - Weight Training for Outdoor Athletes
TOTAL MOUNTAIN CONDITIONING - Conditioning for Outdoor Athletes
TOTAL MOUNTAIN BODY - Bodyweight Training for Outdoor Athletes