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Have you ever wanted to pursue a new goal, but can't quite put it into action? Or have you tried stopping something you know isn't serving you, only to continue doing it? It can be frustrating and disheartening, I know - I spent years struggling with habits and behaviors that ruined my life.

Through coaching, I learned fundamental principles which enabled me to finally start and stop behaviors I had long been chasing. This experience inspired me to become a Coach myself. And now, as an expert in Mind-Body Fitness and Life Solutions, I help people who 'know what to do', but aren't doing it, to live Ultimately!

Life Coach

how to work with me


DIY is Do It Yourself

Pick a course and go at your own pace. You can start and stop any time and, if you want help, you can always contact me. Upgrade to Group or 1-1 anytime.


Group is Class​

Join the team in my signature 8-week group course. Read the book, attend the class, get a buddy and be held accountable for growth and change. Perfect for individuals or teams.


1-1 is Private​

If you're looking to dive deep, work privately, or do some long term partnering, you can book by the month or quarter. This confidential coaching is tailored to you individually.

my clients


Life Coach

"Shane's ability to insightfully understand challenges and reflect with his clients is a true gift. I have found that in working with him I obtain greater clarity much more quickly, and am able to identify action items needed to progress forward in a meaningful way. Truly a fantastic coach.”


Shane borza

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