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i am an artist

How was it reading that statement; were you excited or filled with dread? Having experienced both, I can tell you, it can be frustrating and disheartening to want to create but not know how to do it. Worse yet, to even give yourself permission to be called an artist.

Through coaching, I learned fundamental principles which enabled me to push through blocks that had long held me back. This experience inspired me to become a Coach myself. And now, I help artists and creators to find their voice, tell their story, and get their art out to the world.


how to work with me

DIY 2.0.png


DIY is Do It Yourself

Pick a course and go at your own pace. You can start and stop any time and, if you want help, you can always contact me. Upgrade to Group or 1-1 anytime.

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Group is Class​

Join the team in my signature Content Creator Course. Read the book, attend the class, get a buddy and be held accountable for growth and change. Perfect for individuals or teams.

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1-1 is Private​

If you're looking to dive deep, work privately, or do some long term partnering, you can book by the month or quarter. This confidential coaching is tailored to you individually.

my clients


Discovery Call 2.0.png


Connect with me to get your questions answered on this free call.

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Content Creator Course- Live

Find your voice, tell your story, and get your art out to the world!

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Private Coaching

Monthly or Quarterly available! 1-on-1 Coaching and Mentoring Services

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Learn how to make your art on your own time with this DIY Course!

Sign up today and gain exclusive access to our ON DEMAND page, resources, videos and more. 

Red Chairs

"Shane's ability to insightfully understand challenges and reflect with his clients is a true gift. I have found that in working with him I obtain greater clarity much more quickly, and am able to identify action items needed to progress forward in a meaningful way. Truly a fantastic coach.”