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Film Notes Workbook

Take Advantage of Film Notes and the Film Notes Workbook

If you want to start making indie films, you can take part in professional film workshops offered by Shane Borza Coaching LLC. Not only will you develop new skills, but you can also meet new peers, gain feedback and receiver mentorship from an award-winning cinematographer. For those you prefer a DIY approach, ‘Film Notes’, a book written by Shane Borza, is a great resource for those who want to try their hand at independent filmmaking.

In his book ‘Film Notes’, Shane Borza offers over two decades of experience and knowledge for aspiring film writers, directors and producers of indie film. You will learn the do’ and don'ts of writing, producing and directing, tips, tools and tricks to enhance your skill set, and much more. Topics such as how to create characters, adding subplots, dealing with casting and rehearsals, selecting the right equipment and, also, going from pre-production to post-production. Film Notes is definitely a one-of-a-kind text that gives plenty of insight and inspiration for those who want to pursue the dream of making an indie film. It doesn’t matter at what point you’re at in your filmmaking project. You can easily turn to a section in Film Notes and find tips, information and answers that you may have about the filmmaking process. To make things easier, Shane Borza also offers the Film Notes workbook to help you retain all the information. The Film Notes workbook also includes worksheets and exercises to help you create your own production.

Shane Borza has taught many artists and creators to find their voice, tell their story and get their art out to the world, and he can help you too! If you are interested in purchasing Film Notes and the Film Notes workbook, go to shaneborza.

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